Branding Your Company on Campus

What is the key to building a substantial reputation on campus? Why do companies keep up a strong branding campaign, even in the most arduous of economic times?


The answer is employers know that to obtain the best, you have to project the image of being the best. Just as companies select their list of schools to recruit from, college students and graduates are also selecting their top list of companies in which to work for. This does not necessarily mean the biggest companies, but it is the organizations that are presenting the right message to the college population. And yes, this should continue even when you are not hiring.


Organizations that want to promote a solid presence on campuses, while maintinaing their ability to acquire the best talent for their current and/or future recruiting needs will want to:


Lay the groundwork for a unique, effectual campus marketing campaign

Ensure that the company is taking advantage of no cost and/or low cost activities: recruiting events, site visits, special functions, information sessions, faculty relations, and student organizations

Have an evaluation plan in place to see the impact of the program on your organizational goals











For your complimentary copy of The Employer's Guide to: Implementing a Brilliant Company Branding Campaign on Campus, please email Jean Manning-Clark.