Campus Branding for the Future

Organizations that want to promote a solid presence on campuses, while maintaining their ability to acquire the best talent for their current and/or future recruiting needs will want develop a plan to lay the groundwork for a unique, effectual campus marketing campaign and ensure that the company is taking advantage of all opportunities.

Build or reinforce a strong branding campaign. The primary reason that companies have year-long programs is that they are looking to the future. This does not necessarily mean the biggest companies, but it is the organizations that are presenting the right message. And yes, this should continue even when you are not hiring. Much of the strategy can be enhancing current recruiting activities such as image in the job bank, exterior promotion during an info session, and/or year-round follow-up communication.

Non-recruiting related branding activities. There are many activities that are not recruiting, which can be part of a company’s branding strategy. This can include technical talks/lunch and learns at student organization meetings (see guidelines below), presenting on a job searching topic, networking seminars and dinners, participating in a career panel, student project sponsorships, research partnerships with Mines, technical tours, company challenges / competitions (such as hack-a-thons), partnering with student clubs or organizations on external community projects, and supporting a corporate and foundation scholarship or fellowship. To find out more, please click the links below.

Branding Guide Recruiting/Non Recruiting
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Campus Visit

Arrange a Branding Visit to Campus

Companies who implement and manage successful branding programs with a great ROI, begin their strategy with arranging an engagement or branding visit to campus (including faculty and administrative department meetings). These meetings can be held annually to review program success or just initially to research ideas for a custom plan. To find out more or schedule this meeting, click on the link.


WIRED (Work, Interview, Resume, Experience Day)

Meet one-on-one with CSM students during this excellent event, and use your expertise to offer resume critiques and practice interviews in preparation for recruiting season. The WIRED Event is co-sponsored with the Multi-Cultural Engineering Program (MEP).