Information Sessions

Many companies use these meetings to kick off their on-campus interviewing event.  Information sessions provide a convenient way  of presenting information to students who have been selected for interviews.  It also provides a way to informally recruit other interested students and fill any vacant slots on the interview schedule.


Advantages to On-Campus vs. Off-Campus.
When scheduling information sessions , the question can arise, “Is it better to have this on the campus or off the campus?” Although there are some advantages to having these events off campus, the advantages to having the events on-campus from a marketing perspective are far greater. On-campus information sessions allow the company to:


• Advertise with displays outside the event area and gain walk-by traffic.

• Promote the event

through the campus’s online database system or website.

• Have higher attendance because there is no student travel on class days.

• Schedule more than one campus activity in one event

• Increase faculty attendance.










Recruiting Guide: Contains the information on guidelines, procedures, and policies for recruiting at Colorado School of Mines.






Companies are encouraged to schedule Company Information Sessions. These are held prior to interviews, as well as in conjunction with other events on campus. 


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