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On-Campus Interviewing

All on-campus interviewing / recruiting is centralized at Mines. This is to make the employer’s experience optimal and seamless. For on-campus interviews, there are two different options to choose from when requesting on-campus interviews. Interview timeframes are listed on the annual Mines Recruiting Calendar.

Pre-Select Interviews: The most common type is the “Pre-select” option where employers are able to post job opportunities in DiggerNet and choose candidates for interviews. This option is a true service to the employers and time-saver since communications are handled directly through the system with automatic email notifications and student appointment sign-ups and can be assisted by Career Center Staff.

Next Day or Room Only Interviews: The second option, which is “Room Only”, does not utilize the pre-select process and is only appropriate when an employer has already received sufficient resumes from an immediate need job posting in DiggerNet and/or Career Day to warrant on-campus interviews. The employer must contact the Career Center for a room reservation.

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Info for your company

Information Sessions

Many companies use these meetings to brand their company and/or kick off their on-campus interviewing event. Information sessions provide a convenient way of presenting information to students who have been selected for interviews. It also provides a way to informally recruit other interested students and fill the interview schedule.

Info for your company

Special Recruiting Events

Maximize your hiring potential by partaking in these effective, on-campus or virtual events. Virtual Career Fairs are a GREAT event for companies with open positions wishing to receive more exposure and applicants without any extra work or cost. The Spring Launch Recruiting Event is a more focused end of the semester recruiting / interviewing event. Recruiters will interview students and graduates who have responded to your DiggerNet job posting... and additional qualified applicants who will arrive with their resumes.

Spring Launch
Virtual Career Fair