Internships & Co-Ops



A successful internship program provides your company with an experienced pool of candidates; full of fresh ideas and excitement; who are familiar with your organizations' products, services and culture. One of the most popular reasons why employers initiate an internship porgram is to use the process to "test-drive" job candidates before offering permanent employment. Employers have the ability to examine the interns' work habits, productivity, and communication skills to determine whether or not those students will be a "good fit" with the company. And, of course, the students have ample opportunities to see if the company is a right fit for their career goals.


Employers can benefit from student internships as much as the students themselves. By coordinating efforts with the Mines Career Center and the student, employers can find technically skilled employees to benefit their organization. Employers can recruit for interns by: 1) posting the job on DiggerNet; 2) arranging on-campus interviews; 3) collecting resumes at Career Day; or 4) accessing our resume books.

































Recruiting Guide: Contains the information on guidelines, procedures, and policies for recruiting at Colorado School of Mines.


Cooperative Education


The Co-Operative Education experience differs from an internship in that it is more in-depth and involves a minimum of six months of full-time work, for which the student earns salary and academic credit. This longer term of employment allows the employer many benefits including the assignment of extended projects with greater responsibility, and the ability to observe the student's abilities and fit with the team.


This stronger employment relationship is truly a win/win situation for many employers and students. Because of the longer commitment, it typically requires a student to make a commitment for both a full summer and a semester away from campus; there are also possibilities for local organizaitons to hire the student for a full-time summer and part-time academic year format. Contracts between the student, school, and employer are completed, with guidelines to the employer that the actual work assignments be of such relevance and significant depth to utilize the student's skills and be challenging in professional growth.


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