On Campus Interviews

There are two different options of on-campus interviews within the DiggerNet on-line recruiting system to choose from when requesting on-campus interviews. 


Pre-Select Interviews: The most common type is the “Pre-select” option where employers are able to post job opportunities and choose candidates for interviews.  This option is a real time-saver since communications are handled directly through the system with automatic email notifications and student appointment sign-ups and can be assisted by Career Center Staff.














Room Only Interviews: The second option, which is “Room Only”, does not utilize the pre-select process and is only appropriate when an employer has already received sufficient resumes from Career Day to warrant on-campus interviews.  The employer must contact the Career Center with adequate advance notification for a room reservation. All relevant communication with the student regarding time/place of interview is handled by the recruiter. We do require that a copy of the final schedule be submitted to the Career Center no later than the date of the interviews.

















Recruiting Guide 2012-13: Contains the information on guidelines, procedures, and policies for recruiting at Colorado School of Mines.








Fall 2012 Recruiting: Reservations of Room Only, and Open Sign-up

Interviews through

DiggerNet from Career Day

to September 21. This is followed by the

Pre-select Process which makes resume review, candidate selection and appointment scheduling

easy for employers and students.


Spring 2013 Recruiting: 

Early-Bird reservations

are available on

February 13, followed

by the Pre-select Process

for the rest of the season.


For more information
regarding on-campus 
interviews, please contact Debbie Behnfield at