Technical Experience



















































Co-operative Education


Through this experience students gain college credit. Click here for more information.


Job Shadowing


Sometimes students are invited to experience what it is like to do certain jobs by employers - spend a day watching and doing what the employee does.










Relevant experience during the college years is critical for many reasons:


  • Earn money for tuition and expenses,
  • Clarify choice of major and future career,
  • Maintain enthusiasm for required courses,
  • Build the resume for securing full-time jobs.


Typically about 80% of Mines graduates who pursue full-time jobs note some form of relevant experience by the time they reach graduation.  Although this is neither a guarantee nor absolute requirement for ease in acquiring job offers, it can be a strong factor in employers’ decisions.  The traditional internship is composed of a paid summer position that provides challenging work, utilizing the student’s developing skills. At times un-paid internships are accepted, if the student determines the experience is of particularly high value.  Some students acquire internships which are on or close to campus and may transition into part-time work during the academic year. Details of the employment agreement are between the student and the employer.  Mines employers begin in the fall to seek applicants for their following summer staffing.  Both in DiggerNet and during the Fall and Spring Career Days, students will find many opportunities for internships. 


Relevant experience may also take other forms.