Professional Development Series for Employers


Different strategic luncheon seminars and emloyer roundtables are offered in the spring and the fall. Some of the topics have included developing an internship program, implementing a campus branding program, and establishing a diversity recruitment program, and more!!


Whether you are looking at creating a new project for your company, or you are currently running programs that you want to update with new ideas, the Professional Development Series for Employers is designed to provide the Recruiting/HR staff and supervisors with the building blocks to develop and implement a well-organized strategem.


For more information, contact Jean Manning-Clark at (303) 273-3239 or

Workshop Opportunities for Employers



















Student Job Searching Workshops


Is your company seeking different ways to brand your image with students at Mines? One of the ways to do this is by hosting/presenting a professional development workshop for the students. This is not a company information session, but it is a good way to have your company's name advertised. It is also a prefect time to meet students.


Mines is always looking for companies to present to students on a topic that relates either to job searching techniques, tips for success on the job site, or tools for professional success after graduation. Unlike information sessions, lunch and learns, or classroom presentations, the job search seminars are the perfect way for Recruiters and Human Resources Professionals to interact with students, while gaining low or no cost exposure on campus.




By no means does this activity replace the other types of presentations, but it can certainly enhance all your recruiting efforts. If this activity does not make sense because of a geographical limitation, ask the college about tips that can be posted on boards, in professional development materials, or on websites. Interested in finding out more? Contact Jean Manning-Clark at (303) 273-3239 or *Speakers must be a qualified and active recruiter at Mines.












Employers looking for educational opportunities for their employees


Please visit the Educational Outreach Program