Special Recruiting Events



"Spring Launch" and Fall "TNT" Events




Take advantage of these on-campus interview blasts to maximize your hiring potential by participating in our end-of-the-season recruiting events. Join us for either event - a very special time to connect with students for all your current hiring needs. Beginning with an opportunity to meet and greet students and faculty, then participate in our Professional Development Seminar, and Employer Luncheon. This is also a day to interview for fulltime and/or internship positions. The day is

designed to maximize your company's

quality recruiting time and branding

on campus. Registration is through

your DiggerNet account in the

Events section.


For more information on the events,

contact our office at (303) 273-3253.


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Held the day before Career Day, WIRED is an excellent opportunity to meet one-on-one with Mines students and get a sneak peek at the pool of candidates that will be attending Career Day. Use your expertise to facilitate resume critiques and practice interviews to help students prepare for recruiting season.


This event is co-sponsored by the Multicultural Engineering Program and the Career Center. For more information on WIRED (Work, Interview, Resume, Experience Day), please contact Lisa Clark at (303) 384-2596.




Virtual Career Fairs


Held each semester, Virtual Career Fairs are a way for companies with open positions to receive more exposure and applicants without any extra work. The brief job description and company logo is copied into this virtual event.


All Mines students and recent graduates will follow the same application instructions that are specified on your current job posting (whether it is through your company's website application process or a resume emailed to you). The benefit is that you will just have an additional concentration of applicants, while branding your company's name.


For more information regarding Virtual Career Fairs, please contact Debbie at (303) 273-3253.





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Virtual Career Fair

March 25 - 30, 2016



TNT Recruiting Events




Spring Launch

Recruiting Event

April 20, 2016


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Full-Time or Internships













"Career Center Staff does

an amazing job. We always find quality candidates from Colorado School of Mines.

We look forward to building relationships with Colorado School of Mines Employees and Students."

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